3-Pack Silicone Storage Bags

3-Pack Silicone Storage Bags

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1 Small & 2 Medium Sized Bags, Durable & Leak Proof. These reusable bags replace traditional plastic zip-top bags, use for food storage, sous-vide, even as a travel storage bag. We love to use them to store our vegetable scraps in the freezer. When it's all full, we make vegetable broth.  

- Durable & Leak Proof

- Microwave, freezer & dishwasher safe

- Resistant to low -76F and high temperatures up to 450F

- Medium Bag holds an approximate max of 4 cups | 1000 ml | 30 fl oz

- Small Bag holds an approximate max of 3 cups | 500 ml | 15 fl oz

Transparency:  This is one of those "it's not about perfection, we need a million people doing it imperfectly" moments. While silicone is not a perfect low/zero waste solution given its natural, synthetic, additives material make up and inability to compost, biodegrade, and need to most likely go to private recycling center, it does get points for its reusability, durability, food safety, stain resistance, non-stick, and so many possible uses over and over, making it a far more better option than its traditional, single use plastic zip top bag.

Responsibly made in China for a U.S. company