Hemp Sherpa Facial Rounds

Organic Hemp Sherpa Facial Rounds - 12 rounds per pkg

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These organic Hemp Sherpa Facial Rounds are perfect for removing makeup, applying toner or even just to remove a layer of grime/sweat from your face when you feel like a refresh. Made of organic hemp sherpa, they are soft enough to use on the delicate areas around the eye yet durable to machine wash and use over and over, reducing the amount of paper waste and saving money at the same time.

Handmade in Littleon, Colorado, USA.

Care: Machine wash and dry with normal laundry. Pairs perfectly with our small mesh laundry bag for washing.

Size: Rounds are 3" in diameter before washing and drying, a small amount of shrinkage is normal and expected

Packaging: Craft paper sleeve, can be recycled or composted.