Shampoo Bar Travel Tin with Soap Lift

Travel Tin

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The perfect travel companion for plastic-free shampoo & conditioner bars - this travel tin includes a soap lift inside to keep your bars dry and above moisture while traveling, makes it easier to get the bar out because it wont get stuck to the bottom and you can take it out and use it at your destination too.

Reusable and made of metal, which can be recycled over and over again, a great planet-friendly option. Made to be used for a very long time with proper care - DO NOT leave in standing water or store in shower for long periods of time.

Travel tin:
Dimensions: 2.93” x 1.25”
Material: tin plate/rust resistant

Soap Lift:
Dimensions: 2.75”
Material: corn-based plastic/can be used for 10+ years with proper care